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Porsche 918 Hybrid PORSCHE 918 HYBRID

Porsche today announced that they started selling the Porsche 918 Hybrid, which serve as the exclusive production. Exclusivity supercar Porsche hybrid plug-in is seen in terms of numbers. The number of cars will be manufactured in accordance with the serial number of the model, which only 918 units. The price offered is the cheapest Porsche 645 000 Euros, or almost USD 8 billion. Understandably, this advanced hybrid car.

The development of this particular model is based on the Porsche hybrid enthusiasts tremendous response when the car was exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show 2010, last year.


Porsche 918 Hybrid

Other Greatness Porsche offered on this car is very economical petrol consumption for the category of supersport car . With the V8 engine, 3.8 liter capacity, Porsche to claim that the car will spend only 3 liters of petrol for a distance of 100 km . Means, fuel consumption 33.3 km / liter. Incredible!
The greatness of another when viewed from the power it generates. From the gasoline engine only 368 kW or 500 PS. Meanwhile, the two units of electric motors, acquired an additional 160 kW or 218 PS. Well, you can imagine, a combination of all the power it put together to boost this car.
The result was also great! Porsche claims, to sprint from 0-100 km, this car only takes 3.2 seconds. Top speed of 320 km/hour.

With such capabilities, Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid Plug-ins expected to gobble one lap circuit Nürburgring Nordschleife in 7 minutes 3 seconds. For comparison, the Porsche Carrera GT need 7 minutes 32 seconds.

Further, if only using the electric motor, then the highest speed that can be achieved is 150 km per hour. Mileage if only rely on pure energy from the battery is only 25 km away.
For enthusiasts who are interested, supersport car this exclusive it could be ordered from now. According to Porsche, early bird will get a faster car. It is estimated, the car can be sent on 1 September 2013.

All-wheel drive

Porsche 918 Hybrid

Porsche explained, the DNA of this particular design is the 918 Spyder and Porsche Carrera GT 917 RS Spyder. This version uses the construction of a monocoque with a body made from carbon fiber and reinforced with plastic. Additional features on the panel retractable roof and stored in the trunk.
To move the engine power, used all-wheel motion system ( all-wheel drive ) with independent controls to drive the two axles.

Energy storage electricity were using battery li-ion battery equipped with liquid cooling. To fill them, can be directly plugged into a power outlet at home. Old charging voltage to 220 volts of energy, such as in Germany, only 3 hours.

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