Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Looking at my recent 4-door Jacqueline rendering, here, I wondered what it would look like with the classic V-and-Crest logo used by Cadillac for decades. The Jacqueline's trunklid was bare except for a chromed lock. I used a late 1950s version for the "V" and I liked what it looked like. Then the taillights looked way too plain for anything Bill Mitchell would have approved, so I extended the side chrome spear all the way around the taillights. I tied them together with a very Sixties brushed aluminum trim piece. The painted C-pillars became adorned with pebble-grained leather inserts. I also changed to color to a very elegant peach-tinted silver metalflake, and the interior would have been a combination of that black pebble-grained leather and pleated peach leather or brocade.

I rarely go back and modify one of my renderings but I'm glad I did.

I think Pininfarina was hoping the Jacqueline would be built as the Brougham had been taken away from them. Instead of a coupe if they had done a new sedan maybe they may have scored a new Cadillac to build. If they had used Cadillac logos and nameplates perhaps it would have swayed the powers-that-be enough to be a "Yes."

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