Sunday, January 12, 2014

Another stab at creating an entry level Cadillac for the 1960s, this time a 1963 coupe. Cadillac was soaring high in the '60s and in no way needed a reprise of its 1940s and '50s Series 61 line, but I like to think of what they may have looked like. "61s" were the least expensive and a bit more "youthful" perhaps, with a slightly sprier look than its more expensive siblings, replacing the LaSalle after 1940.

Above, the coupe. For this year I've spelled out "Series Sixty One" on the bodysides and trunklid, and given this example optional two-toning. The rear fascia has been simplified, deleting the expensive to produce chromed upper bumper "grille" trim and adding a simple sheet metal extension to the trunk lid. The look works perfectly with the already simple and elegant side trim.

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