Friday, December 27, 2013

The late 1950s was a tumultuous time for Ford Motor Company. They were gung-ho on matching General Motors almost car-for-car, leading to the introduction of the Edsel, larger 4-seat Thunderbird, and the largest unit-bodied car built at that point, the glorious and gargantuan '58 Lincoln lineup. Following up on that would be the upsized and upmarketed Mercury lineup. Perhaps in the heady days of fall '57 when it became apparent Edsel was doomed and the bigger Tbird had yet to begin its meteoric sales climb over the '57 2-seaters, perhaps Mercury designers were called on to do a quick "sportscar" based on the new-for-'59 Mercury chassis. Cut down to about a 115" wheelbase, it still would have had the prestige of the Mercury nameplate. It would have had 2 small fold down rear seats and the Tbird's front bucket seats for true 2+2 seating. Using as many production components as possible, this Marquis coupe could have gone on sale in the first quarter if '59 if necessary, if the 4-seat Tbird had bombed.

Yeah, all this is fake, but I have fun reimagining the past! I really like the way this one turned out. It has a bit of late Loewy 2-seater designs in the greenhouse and the rocket motif works well on a sports coupe. I think it could have been the drivers' car of the day.

If I don't get back before then, I hope everyone has a great new year! I, for one, am very glad 2013 is coming to a close and I hope it doesn't kick me in the ass one more time before it's history, lol.

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