Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2015 Regal Electra Touring
Just as GS is Buick's performance line, "Electra" becomes the division's nameplate for plug-in electric vehicles. There would be Verano, Regal, and LaCrosse Electra models eventually. Above, the Regal Electra Touring, the new wagon version of the Regal sedan. Also shown above is the topline "Diamond Blue Luxury Group," which includes exclusive silver-blue alloy and trim. Also included is Buick's new "Wicker Canework" embossed carbon fiber for accent. Doors are accessed via electronic keyfob and touchpads on the B- and C-pillar. The blanked-off aero grille insert has subtle embossing to catch the light evoking Buick's trademark vertical grille bars. Two bonus points for anyone recognixing the 1967 Wildcat's rocker panel mounted "Ventiports," which now house the radar units for the 360° proximity sensors used in conjunction with other accident avoidance systems.

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