Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Meant to evoke a vintage PR/Marketing post card, the altered proportions of my 1961 Eldorado Calais V12 Sport Coupe really show off the new-for-'61's tailored sheetmetal and gorgeous lower skeg fins perfectly balancing the upper tail fins. I added a bit of unique front fender trim meant to celebrate the first postwar V12 developed by a domestic automaker.
Quickie 2-hour project tonight . . . 

1961 Cadillac Eldorado Calais V12 Sport Coupe—What if Caddy had entered the personal luxury coupe/Thunderbird market segment a generation earlier than it did? What if Pininfarina's beautiful "Jacqueline" coupe had been a ruse to throw off any actual "coupe rumors" from leaking out of Cadillac?

I propose the '61 Eldorado could have been reborn as a super-exclusive and super-expensive V12 2+2 coupe replacing the previous Pininfarina Brougham sedan as the pinnacle of Cadillac's showroom. A full two-feet shorter than the standard Series 62-based Eldos of recent years, the V12 coupe would have seating for two. The rear compartment could be outfitted with occasional rear seats or  fitted luggage for a truly European Grand Touring experience. 

Although the front clip is extended to house the domestic industry's first postwar V12, at 115" the wheelbase is a full 15 inches shorter than the standard convertible. A shorter rear deck contributes to its overall 24 inch length reduction to approximately 200 inches.The roof is brushed stainless steel and the slightly broader, equilateral rear pillars hint at the new rooflines coming from Cadillac across the board for '62.

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