Monday, November 11, 2013

2015 Lincoln MKZ Continental Touring Sedan, Pucci Edition

What started out as a quick chop to add more glass to the MKZ's cool fastback roofline, ended up being a second generation dual hatchback with electrically-assisted "clap-hand" doors. To manage the rear trunk cutline better, I made this glass-roofed sedan a hatchback. moving the cutline up into the roof pillar matching the existing rear door's cutline. Using an existing division on the edge of the trunk, I've made it a cutline as well. Picking up an idea from a Lincoln concept car of several years ago, instead of opening the entire hatch, a small "drawer" at the edge of the trunk would slide open with a fob button, revealing a beautifully finished luggage drawer complete with secondary top. Once the packages were stored, the top would lower ensuring all would fit nicely as it all glides back into the trunk. I sectioned the body a few inches, an old hot rod trick, making the body sides lower and less massive, and added that flowing third window.

This Pucci edition recalls the great Marks of the '70s and '80s. It comes in a very subtle two-toned Aubergine and Smoke Pearlescent with micro-thin areas of gold dust embedded into the paint at the color breaks. The effect of the pearl and gold clear-coat layers is a magnificent color shifting of all panels making the transitions even more subtle. A 24k gold Lincoln "Star" is embedded in the rear side glass, not only evoking those classic opera window logos, but is also taxed as a piece of jewelry recalling the early 1960s Imperial Crown gold crests. It is this American/European mix of function and style that lead me to name this hatchback MKZ, the Continental Touring Sedan. It signals the rebirth of the Continental nameplate. In addition there would be a flagship sedan, The Continental Town Car, as well as a new Continental Mark coupe.

I dedicate my newest Lincoln chop to America's veterans. I chose The American Luxury Car, and a European designer to celebrate Veterans' Day. We saved Europe and have gone through Hell and high water with them. I think this union of American luxury and European fashion celebrates what our veterans fought for. My dad served for almost 23 years and I know the cost of that service. Today my heart goes out to all, as always.

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