Friday, August 9, 2013

My Audi A7C, an actual pillarless coupe version of Audi's 5-door A7 Sportback. The hatchback would be replaced by innovative slide-and-open tailgate opening design. I've simplified and refined Audi's corporate "face." The intertwined rings logo is smaller and moved to the header of the chrome grille frame. A central LED "light bar" has been added to the grille to unify the LED headlight graphic. There is a very subtle raised panel leading from this new higher-placed logo which fades into the rise of the aluminum hood. The taillights would also consist of a similar central panel LED bar tying their outer graphics together body-wide. A very American use of the Audi rings is their placement on the C-pillar, but, hey, that's me. I really think the new front end could be an effective refinement of their current design. Audi should have a competitor for the E-Class coupe.

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