Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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Lincoln MK-9E—This is my attempt at adapting Lincoln's current design language to the proportions of the late, and lamented, Marks VII and VIII. RWD and AWD would be available, as well as a Twin-turbo V8 or Plug-in hybrid with range extending EcoBoost 3 liter V6. Power Panoramic roof is standard, as are highly detailed wheels with body-color anodized as well as polished- and brushed-alloy wheels. The Eighties and Nineties are retro-ed in various ways, it's not too early, lol! The unique door handles resemble those on "suicide" door sedans, but in this case, the chromed portion mounted on the body next to the door is the receiver for the Smart Key and is touch-sensitive, descending quickly into the body revealing a clean, and, chromed, fingergrip for the door. The doors are power soft-opening-and-closing like the finest über German luxury cars.

I created this new Mark 9E, and made it this color, because of a cool Lincoln Mark VIII I used to see almost daily at my local grocery store. It belonged to a young man that works there, inherited from his late Dad. I took quite a few pics of his car, which while not perfect was quite a nice example. I thought I'd post those photos along with this chop when I finished, but of course, "the best laid plans of mice and men..." I've combed my eFolders going back a year and I can't find ANY of the photos I shot of his car. I have no idea where they may be. Since I can't find any of them, I'm thinking I must have put them all in a separate folder with some arcane name that made sense at the time, but which I can't recall right now. I only have about 35,000 photos to go through, so I'm not sure I'll ever find them, lol. Since I shot them, the car has died and was too expensive to repair. Let this Photoshopped Mark 9E be an homage to that once and beautiful automobile!

I've created a couple of other Mark 9s, or more correctly, Mark IXs:
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Mark GT/V12 Sports Coupe

And of course, check out the "Labels" on the side for more Lincolns or to see if I've designed any other cars you'd like!

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