Friday, March 15, 2013

My take on a print ad for the 1948 Packard Super Eight Touring Sedan, done as if I was in the automotive community back in those heady, early post-war years in Detroit. I gave it a new tagline as well, "Your Day Has Arrived," referring to the optimistic post-war boom in the economy from the previously war-weary public.

"Your Day Has Arrived"
C H O P — The base image for this piece was a scan of an illustration of a '48 Super Eight from one of Packard's sales/dealer brochures. I found the jpg online, I believe at that awesome Old Car Brochures site, here.

While I didn't change the profile of this regal sedan one bit, I changed all the detailing on it and gave it a two-tone finish. Changes include the rear taillights, fender skirts, rocker panels, side spear and other trim. One of my friends, the esteemed Palm Springs Automobilist, blog link here and on my Blog Roll, told me my changes resembled what Bill Mitchell's studios might have done, high praise indeed!

Once I was done with the car I "lifted" it from its period layouts and stylistically placed it at the shore. Color matching created a very special and "eye-catching" ad if I do say so myself. Finishing it off was an optimistic new post-war tagline I created for this Packard: Your Day Has Arrived.
  • I've reworked a couple of 1954 Studebaker ads, creating sedans from their lower, longer coupe bodies. It's posted at my original blog, casey/artandcoloujr. I didnt' realize it wasn't also posted here. Enjoy! Link, here.

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