Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Here in casey/artandcolour's world, Chrysler reached into its deep stable of unused nameplates for this new twin-turbo V8 hybrid drivetrain luxury coupe: The Ambassador Eight. Styling picks up from the marque's long history of dramatically styled Ambassadors with a roofline evocative of its last large pillarless coupes from the early '70s. Red, white, and blue Ambassador Eagles from 1961 adorn each wheel center and '66 wraparound trim pieces on each corner of the car include contemporary LEDs. Those classic-looking, flush AMC door handles would now be electronic touch panels with powered soft-close mechanisms.

Note: The wheels are modified Volkswagen wheels. The flush covers actually are removable for a more traditional spoked wheel look. Bobf, one of this blog's longtime readers, suggested them for a different chop, one that's on the list, but I have a feeling you'll see them on many of my future cars. I love the look of them! The flat portions could be body-colored, too. VW is doing some really great wheels recently. They have a set that look for all the world like painted steelies with dog-dishes and some with such thin and flat spokes as to look two-dimensional.

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