Friday, February 8, 2013

For my second take on the C7, I decided to keep the idea of a rear quarter window, but I reshaped it into a much simpler graphic. By bringing this new side window to a point, I referenced the Corvette supercar prototype from the 1970s, the mid-engined 4-Rotor.At the back  I created a set of aluminum-ringed quad circular taillight and replaced the new "V" crossed flags emblem with a "proper" set of flags from '72 'Vette. I cut down on the visual height of the bodysides by using another '70s styling trick: Argent colored rocker panels.The cool new Stingray logo has been moved to the B pillar when it's noticeable every time you open the door. Then in a nod to Harley Earl and Bill Mitchell, I gave Welburn's oversized (and now body-colored) side vents dual chrome strakes. It's a minor point, but I made the glass roof and rear window graphic read as one large tinted panel by glazing over the "baskethandle" instead of painting it body color. I think it unifies and simplies the C7's shapes and details.

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