Thursday, February 14, 2013

2014 Buick Invicta. This is a pretty straight forward Opel-to-Buick chop, the base photo being the new Opel Cascada convertible. For this Buick version, I lengthened the rear trunk and overhang for a more balanced appearance, and I reprofiled the roof to include a much wider rear window.  I'd actually like the rear window to wraparound slightly, so I think it might need to be three pieces, with slender frames, and they'd all nicely fold into the boot area. That would be a neat look back at Buick's 3-piece rear windows on the many of their '57s. I also added the black/chrome rocker moldings, the Ventiports and Buick grille and gave it a sparkly cherry paint job. I would position this at the Verano level in Buick show rooms, in the $32-35,000 range. It would be a nice bookend to the eventual Buick flagship coupe/convertible, the Riviera.

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