Sunday, August 5, 2012

Just the thing for the "Gentleman Farmer" of 1958—the Lincoln Coupe Pickup.

C  H O P S — While "chatting" on FB today, in a post about the original '57 Ranchero and '59 El Camino, I mentioned that I liked both of thm, but that I'd like an uplevel interior in them. The Fairlane 500 and Impala trim would have been nice to be able to choose, but then again, in that time period, both of those car-based trucks were considered pretty "fancy" anyway, even with their bargain basement interiors. I began to wonder what a similar period Lincoln or Cadillac car-based pickup would look like. At the time, I thought the Lincoln Mark's reversed C pillar would look great on a pickup. I had a few minutes tonight to relax, so I thought I'd give it a go.

I soon realized that I preferred the "regular" Lincoln Premiere's wraparound rear window. It would give a bit more space behind the front seats, perhaps to enable them to recline, and it also gives a nice symmetry with the front windshield. And it's not as if the car needed an extra foot of cargo space, lol, this first series of unit-bodied Lincolns was almost 19-feet long to begin with! I "painted" the car in a period salmon-beige with a white roof and Photoshopped a new background in that complimented those new colors. I also added some of my flowers, lol. I think this worked out a million times better than expected. At least! : )

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