Friday, June 29, 2012

Bringing Two-Tone Back! My newest Lincoln illustrated in Palm Springs with the available Copper and Pewter Luxury Group.

C H O P S — My latest Lincoln would be a sleek plug-in Hybrid, RWD/AWD replacement for their MKS. The MKS on sale now, at its core, is based on a Volvo platform, from the days Ford owned that Swedish marque. I used Volvo's new S60 sport sedan as the base for this sedan then. I extended the front end to make room for a brand-new Inline 6 EcoBoost, the first new inline engine from a domestic automaker in quite some time. I also extended the rear overhang for more trunk space and so the rear seat could be moved back a few inches for more legroom. Most obvious, perhaps, is a return to a classic two-tone paint job, in this case, the Copper and Pewter Luxury Group. Lincoln has a long history of designer packages and "luxury groups" based on colors and this bold 21st century interpretation just might help get New Lincoln noticed. 

I placed this new Lincoln in front of a classic Mid Century Modern home in Palm Springs I found while Googling. I think you'll agree it's a classic pairing.

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