Saturday, March 10, 2012

When you have a Mercedes McLaren SLR and a lot of cash to spare, we could think of more tasteful things to do, but flamboyant Swiss businessman Ueli Anliker decided to use it for this extravagant creation.
Making its first appearance at Tuning World Bodensee last year, the vehicle is now named the ‘Anliker McLaren SLR 999 Red Gold Dream'. Anliker spent a total of 30,000 man hours and £3.5 million. It has been garnished with 25 layers of red paint and 5kg of gold. The wheels, headlights and door sills are covered with 24 carat gold and the inside the cabin we can find 600 rubies worth £300,000. Anliker states the power unit under the hood started with a maximum output of 640bhp (480 kW / 650Php) which suggests this model was once the SLR 722 edition. It has now been boosted to 999bhp (745 kW / 985 PS) and has a top speed of 210mph (338kph). Ueli Anliker will not sell the exclusive model for anything less than £7 million (€8.2 million / $10.8 million).

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