Thursday, January 19, 2012

Recently I found this photo of a gathering of Lincolns. I was googling for photos of the 1970-71 Lincoln Continental sedans and coupes, and spotted this image. The immaculate '71 sedan in the foreground was beige in color, originally. The '42, (or '46-'48) 'Cabriolet in the upper left was as is, a deep burgundy and beige. The white MKX in the upper right was as is, also, and there's a '41 black coupe in the "way back." The car parked next to the '71 sedan however, was a different story. It's a mid-to-late '80s Mark VII, but had been converted into a convertible—a black convertible with an ill-fitting roof, rear quarter windows that didn't quite fit into the original space for them, and gaudy gold spoked wheels. Not to be rude to the owner, if s/he sees this chop, but it ruined the photo for me.

I decided to make that black Mark VII into a "proper" Lincoln cabriolet, and used the Cabriolet in the photo as inspiration. I completely chopped the body, pushed the front wheels forward, added full rear fender skirts, and changed the color to the same burgundy as the '42 (or '46-'48). I made the roof into a reasonable facsimile of the first Continental, also. The wheels were enlarged and made silver, and I used the same chrome pushbuttons for the doors that the early Continental used.

I made a few changes to the '71 in the foreground, changed the colors of the building, too, but this is the first time I've spent most of my chopping time on a car in the background. All in all, I think it's a "proper" gathering of Lincolns now!

Original photo as found with Google Images.

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