Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Buick Apollo MPV—Since the new Buick Regal and the even newer Buick Verano are based on GM's European Opel division, I looked through their porfolio to see what else might be in the pipeline. Opel markets a very cool "mini people mover" or MPV, called the Zafira. It's a versatile, compact tall wagon, with family features so many Europeans have become enamored with since the first Renault Scenic hit the streets fifteen years ago. I created a Buick version of the Zafira, and reached back into the Buick archives for the Apollo nameplate. The first Buick Apollo, 1973-75, was a hurriedly put together compact based on the Nova platform, and gave Buick a small car to sell after that first gas crisis in 1973. Besides the Buick grille and cues, I gave the D pillar a bit more width for a more cohesive, and American, appearance.

Bonus Chop:
It wouldn't be an "artandcolour" wagon if it didn't come with a Woody package! Optional on my Apollo MPV would be this Estate Wagon option, with walnut microveneers adhered to the four doors and layered under the paint's clearcoats for a maintenance free gloss finish.

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