Monday, November 7, 2011

 This is the RM500 Genesis Coupe from Rhys Millen Racing based on the Hyundai Genesis Coupe.
The RM500 comes with Hyundai's most powerful unit, the 5.0 liter Tau V8 engine, delivering in this configuration 450 hp (336 kW / 456 PS).
"From the moment I saw the Tau V8 engine in the Genesis R-Spec sedan, I knew it would be a perfect fit for the Genesis Coupe, adding even more performance and power to the dynamic coupe," says Rhys Millen, owner, Rhys Millen Racing.
The RMR500 features a custom stainless exhaust as well as a full carbon body kit which includes a grille, fog light ducts, front lip and spoiler, rear diffuser and side skirts.
Brakes are from Brembo and wheels are the 19-inch HRE 793-RS dressed with Hankook Ventus R-S3 tires.

Press release:

Rhys Millen Racing Converts Hyundai Genesis Coupe Into the Ultimate Tuned Sports Car With 5.0-Liter TAU V8 Engine
RM500 Genesis Coupe on Display at Hyundai's 2011 SEMA Show Booth
COSTA MESA, Calif., Nov. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Making auto enthusiasts' wishes come true at this year's SEMA Show, Rhys Millen Racing's (RMR) modified Genesis Coupe features Hyundai's most powerful engine under its hood - the award-winning 5.0-liter Tau V8. The RM500 Genesis Coupe is a 450-horsepower machine with a distinct, production-ready look. This marks the fourth year of the partnership between RMR and Hyundai creating show-stopping vehicles for tuners and consumers alike.
"From the moment I saw the Tau V8 engine in the Genesis R-Spec sedan, I knew it would be a perfect fit for the Genesis Coupe, adding even more performance and power to the dynamic coupe," said Rhys Millen, owner, Rhys Millen Racing. "The sleek and practical exterior modifications would allow this Genesis Coupe to look good parked in your driveway or turning laps at the track."
In addition to the Tau V8, the all-black Genesis Coupe receives a custom RMR stainless exhaust with GReddy rear section muffler and titanium tips, oil cooler and rear differential cooler. These mechanical enhancements give Hyundai's most powerful engine an extra 20 horsepower boost.
"The RMR RM500 Genesis Coupe is a natural home to showcase the performance capabilities of the powerful Tau V8 engine, available in the 2012 Genesis sedan," said Mike O'Brien, vice president, Product and Corporate Planning, Hyundai Motor America. "Rhys Millen Racing has taken the Tau's power and the Coupe's tuner-friendly driving architecture to create a true show-stopper for SEMA this year."
The RMR RM500 unveils a new line of RMR products for the Genesis Coupe, featuring a RMR carbon front lip, carbon spoiler, carbon rear diffuser, carbon side skirts, carbon fog light ducts and carbon grill. The Genesis Coupe also showcases HRE 793-RS 19-inch wheels, Hankook Ventus R-S3 tires and Brembo carbon ceramic rotors with Brembo six and four piston calipers. The inside of the vehicle features the RMR suede trim package and Sparco accents.
Mechanical components RMR modified include:
Hyundai 5.0-liter Tau V8 Engine
RMR Custom Stainless Exhaust with Greddy SE Rear Section
RMR Custom Adapter Plate
RMR Custom Light Weight Clutch & Flywheel
K&N Panel Filter
AEM Engine Management System
Brembo Carbon Ceramic Rotors (Front - 15.5-inch, Rear - 15-inch)
Brembo Six Piston Front Calipers Four Piston Rear
HRE 793-RS II-Spoke Rims (Front - 19x8.5, Rear - 19x9.5)
Hankook Ventus V12 Tires (Front - 245/40ZR19, Rear - 275/35ZR19)
Interior enhancements include:
RMR Interior Suede Trip Package
Sparco Chrono Sport Seats with RMR Accents
Sparco Track Sliders
RMR Seat Brackets
Sparco Tecno Leather Shift Knob
RMR 1-inch Steering Column Extension
RMR also made the following exterior enhancements:
RMR Carbon Front Lip
RMR Carbon Side Skirts
RMR Carbon Rear Diffuser
RMR Carbon Three Piece Spoiler
RMR Carbon Grill
RMR Carbon Overlay Roof
RMR Carbon Fog Light Vents with Brake Ducts
RMR Yellow Fog Light Covers

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