Tuesday, October 11, 2011

As the first mass in the world produce the Nissan EV-LEAF, hits the road, what does the future of electric vehicles have? Mega City vehicles and electric versions of our favorite cars .... that's what we here are my five electric cars in the city of the future.

BMW Megacity

His appearance like her out of a science fiction movie, but the ultra-modern BMW Megacity is not entirely fiction. BMW's electric city to go into production in 2013 and is the result of years of intense research in our way of life and unity in the number of worlds growing "megacities".

Developed by BMW's Project i megacity's program will have a lifetime much longer than a typical car thanks to corrosion-proof aluminum frame, carbon battery and an electric motor passenger robust, with a focus on sustainability . Megacity is expected that services will stay on for decades and low cost of maintenance. Very good job as the 'premium' EV will cost a small fortune, no prices have been released yet, but it will be expensive.

Audi A1 e-tron

The Audi A1 e-tron, on the basis of giving the German automaker is making A1, has been described as a "Mega-City Vehicle 'echoes BMW Megacity. Like the Chevy Volt and Opel Ampera e- tron is an extended-range electric vehicle. In electric mode all the Audi A1 e-tron is able to do 31 miles in city traffic, before the Wankel rotary engine occurs, the engine can recharge the Etron is enough to make a further 124 miles per gallon.

Audi is planning to do a field test of the A1 e-tron in Munich, Germany this year. The Audi R8 e-tron, electric supercar brands, is expected to be published in a limited number in 2012.

Mazda 2 Electric

Mazda is the latest manufacturer to announce plans for a new hybrid electric car track, which will have its headquarters in popular brands of cars in the Mazda2. The EV is expected to borrow Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive technology and has an electric range of 124 km, identical to the Audi A1 e-tron. The Japanese automaker imagine that electric cars are the future of passenger cars and the Mazda 2 is the first step in building their knowledge EV.

Pop Kia

POP Kia concept has been hailed as a vision of the future for electric vehicles. With its chrome-colored body, pill-shaped windows side gullwing style doors and transparent board certainly looks futuristic! Powered by 68 PS/190 Nm electric motor and a lithium polymer gel battery POP 18kwh Kia has an impressive range of 100 miles.

Chief Designer of Kia Europe, Gregory Guillaume, said: "I have this vision in my head of a POP sat at the lights of a busy intersection in Paris with all these guys waiting by Vespa, loudly revving their engines, then, when turn off the lights. green, just calmly POP moves without a sound. "

Although no plans to put the POP in production is likely to inspire a future look for the Japanese automaker.

Ford Focus Electrical

According to Auto Trader Ford Focus car is the most widely discussed in Britain, and the new Ford Focus has certainly established power a little tongue moving all over the world. The electrical model of the popular gate is described by Ford as a car brand completely maintenance free. And with a total load time of about three to four hours at home with 240 volt charging station of origin is certainly a more viable option than many other electric vehicles today, which can take eight hours fully charge.

Focus Electric is the flagship of the family of the British manufacturers of new electric vehicles and is scheduled for release in North America in late 2011 and launched in Europe in 2013.


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