Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Over the years, when people talk about super cars, Audi is the first name does not come to talk. But this all changed in 2006 with the launch of the Audi R8. 4.2-liter supercharged V8 mid-engine Audi has changed the concept a lot of people. The only problem for the average price of £ 100,000 less than the Audi R8 is room for more than that. Or What? Audi driving experience and R8, without breaking the bank, the German experience of the last super can be almost anyone.


Audi Le Mans 24 hour race in the history of the R8 in 2006 when it announced it was still a little surprise hit. Equipped with 4.2 liter, in order to use the 32-valve V8 and Audi's quattro system results 1, R8 is a disk too. 414 horsepower, and power for 60 seconds after 00 hours of the Audi R8 4.4, but if you keep planting your feet firmly on the ground, it is ultimately up to 187 per hour. It may not be the world's fastest super, but it did not stop at the next round of applause welcomed too R8, Porsche 997 (praise indeed) and match for a car? R8 is, in 2010 he won the coveted Car of the Year performance. Great handling and light, strong and violent system, R8 has become one of the most sought after supercars in the world today in a twinkling.

Most of the Audi R8

The driving experience is usually held in either of two places, or is the race track and airport. Optionally, the airport immediately R8 R8 comes to life, the racing circuit, while providing the opportunity to dive. Race in a real system, SUV ratio R8, and the Fantastic Four, but from ear to ear, grinning every time you press and hold the accelerator pedal. Sharp bends, chicanes, respectively, tap your foot leads the driver without any problems, you will eat on the asphalt rumble beneath your R8.

Driving Pleasure

It is to explain exactly what is included driving pleasure, a series of safety procedures when you arrive 15 minutes. Completion of the series and briefings, using a modified racing drivers everywhere, Alfa Romeo Giulietta, also shows a line of Mini Cooper S, a way to make the most of your experience and the Audi R8 shows. To complete the role definition, it is time to dive in your life driving the Audi R8. 6 miles next to a professional trainer at your side pointing to the line to pay when braking, will be due. Appears behind the wheel of the Audi R8 you want more hours later.

Audi R8, then, in corporate management with experience because you are not, and drive, thoroughbred Italian, such as the Lamborghini Gallardo Ariel Atom and the Ferrari 360 and such will provide a wide range of super cars in is great If you want, it will be super to meet the individual needs of your doubt.

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