Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First in the UK in November 2010 because of the low back in 2005, sales of Audi's supermini-class branch of the great A1 A2 after landing. A2, which won critical acclaim, a very small car buyer fails to win, because this was a surprise. It does not appear to affect the pricing for the Audi or the price ", price lists and, in this area remains high, the best way to get one is a form of automobile financing.

Audi A1 production plants in the forests of Belgium. It is the same platform with the Volkswagen Polo MK4 MK5 Seat Ibiza and from the same family. However, competition is fierce. Particularly large, simple, and fan loyalty, and mini-A1 and Alfa Romeo Mito authorities to support them, you need to compete with both good-looking car. An exception to the development of the Audi A1 at the moment is not some quality, and was able to grab a car? 2011 Car of the Year ", not a bad start!

There are four engines to choose a new power supply immediately.

- TFSI 118 nm and  1.2 85bhp, and torque.
- 1.4 TFSI 120bhp pounds of torque at 148 Nm.
- 1.4 TFSI with 182bhp and £ 184 Nm of torque.
- 1.6 TDI 104bhp diesel at £ 184 Nm of torque.

There are a lot of energy into a small car engine options Q. combined using seven-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox or a standard user e - impressive power and economy in the mid-term good of all pull-down.

Prices Up ~ £ 21800 TFSI 1.2 SE 1.4T quattro starts at 13 420 yen, 6.9 seconds 00-60 miles per hour race, and make 1.4 billion miles. Super Mini is not bad! A1 is the basis for the Polo, a better engine, better room, and looked better than 1.4, up to 8.9 to 60 seconds, was praised in the Polo does not believe the light of A1. 60 rules for good and 11.7 seconds for 1.2 to most people. Diesel fuel can hire one month + VAT or just £ 194 you 1.2.

Then you can see one hundred million E-mail g / km120 45 kilowatts per brilliant, g / km 140, CO2 emissions and tax segment - E, A1, than some competitors have Prices may be higher initially, in order to cover operating costs and reliability, it shines.

We are fully equipped with the most basic car. Log specification of the SE include air conditioning, steering wheel, 16 inch wheels, get ready for the airbag. While S line sports trim, seats more support adds firmer suspension and 17-inch wheels - leather seats, meaning a portion of the aluminum trim.

You have to buy a new car, consider these options if you plan to rent for an Audi, it may be the best option. Meanwhile, after obtaining a badge of Audi, Audi-level fit and finish now, there is no reason to change.

A1 Cab is better than most other vehicles on a layer of much of the best in its class. Older siblings are more expensive and the quality and supply, many parts are shared.

In this economy, and this level of sophistication, especially in small cars, construction workers should be Audi's legendary high quality, sought after and you will get a very second hand car. All this is still a residual level of the estimate, if you decide to hire the Audi A1 will mean that you can get excellent value.

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