Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Early 20th-century maker in the car all over the world have tested new and innovative ideas in the field of automobile production and test. Historically, there are no plans to go, you will need to be addressed and possible new ideas and innovative ideas for all. This came in the area are looking for new ideas about where to use the car, the pioneer era. Companies operating in these areas, Audi is unknown.

Audi is the first thing done by August Horch in 1910 in the German factory Zwickan. Audi Type 10/22hp (16kW), the are designed for sport phaeton car entertainment, I feel comfortable with roads and cities. Are not designed for long narrow cobbled streets of a small town in Germany really were uncomfortable and heavy vehicles. It was one of the major problems that existed at the time the country's infrastructure. Not just. I drove the car on the road when you are 12 feet wide (and sometimes near) what has been. This is the time. The German government to build roads for these cars and new cars and technologies of the 20th century the first successful car and not the entire process.

Audi will continue to adapt and change with the type of sport tourer, and it is in Central Europe when you find the way to a certain race. Become a famous German producer famous names in the field of automotive engineering competition with Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Peugeot, and many others stood.

Audi has introduced a type of competitive races, many of the changes on the car, turn on the field of production and racing. Test engine, and make changes. To promote the building of the body becomes horsepower and improved acceleration. This is not the type of existence a long time ago not Audi.

Narrow economic times, the era of post-World War I, the Audi is a major player in the market before the Second World War there. Using as a model for the new type of architecture, began to reduce the size and weight of the Audi car was built. Type, a new, more powerful engine, and hunting, was used to improve the design of the body.

He is the type of Audi, left, and come a long way in the factory. Audi is now increasing, is to create a vehicle to compete in the global market in the past 25 years have been enjoying success. Like the day, Audi has been renewed success.

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