Sunday, September 11, 2011

VW recently introduced its newest tiny car, the Up! hatchback (yes, the name includes the exclamation point). The production car seats 4, but I've lowered it and raked the rear C pillar forward, limiting seating to two. The rear space could be used for luggage or for the battery pack in a future electric or hybrid version. I chose the name "Churada," a fierce monsoon wind-and-rain squall in the Mariana Islands. VW has a tradition of using names of winds for its cars, such as the Golf (the German name for the Gulf Stream) and Scirocco (an african wind). In addition to lowering the car, I've moved the door handles up into the B pillar, added black/chrome rocker panel trim, made the LED taillights a bit more dramatic, and enlarged the wheels, blacking out portions of the rim for a more custom look. I also gave the VW logo on the wheels a body color background, a touch reminiscent of the paint-detailed wheel covers of luxury cars of the past.

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