Monday, September 26, 2011

This has caused controversy in the new Audi A1 in 2010 for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show, Audi's smallest model, and now is what everyone wants to What Car? The winning car in 2011. This is also the premium compact hatchback Audi took home gong for best supermini was a wonderful night's.

Steve Fowler, editor of What Car? Went brilliantly, and more buyers are less brilliantly executed, is looking for more efficient cars ... But all that is decorated with a luxury car just is much more: Audi A1 is a great car ": comments and very very stylish, fun and very affordable, high-quality small car" - this is to give them the Audi.

Have been selected intensively "big ideas" as described by the Audi A1, and the car most of the post award in 2010. Said Jeremy Hicks, Director of the premium end of the Audi, and superior construction, a combination that makes the leading class of the value of maintenance and operating costs at reasonable prices, and sought after as the Audi A1.

Citroen C3 you begin 10,790 £, and the Fiat 500 is the price, and if you think that has a starting price of 9665 £ £ 13 of 420 in only begins with the Audi A1, are more expensive than competitors supermini session. However, the equivalent, BMW plans to smaller front-wheel drive supermini range, there is currently in the market for luxury cars. BMW and Audi A1 competitors is to be produced in 2015.

A1 pork to highlight now. Britain's national launch in November 13 A1 is the stars of the event. Audi A1 out of the driver and celebrity guests, a new engine friendly city A1 Battersea Power Station in London to a large number of test engines.

Is already well proven Audi in 2010 the best year ever for the brand in terms of sales, and the best brands in Europe for the sale of insurance. It was released on the A7 Sportback exclusive, in October, which was held for the first time a new Audi TT Coupe in the field for five consecutive years, has benefited from many improvements for 2011. What Car? Impressed with the team and TTS performance improvements.

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