Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Car design is an important process in the formation of a car or other vehicle. The process, from design concept to final production, there are several stages. All that is needed to design a successful transition of the masses of innovative ideas and inspiration for science to make a car.

The Concept of Implementation

Car design process, starting with the concept of determining the consideration, the most important customers, such as development plans are selected by the target market. Designers sketch he or she or the structure of a particular framework or model car, make all the market research and customer expectations, in response to results. Then a figure on paper to share with others to discuss the prospects for future development.
Concept Development

The next step in the development process from idea to include a sketch of the shape. This plan, pencil, crayon, using a drawing tool for labels and other shows to be a new form. Even, we are drawn to images and computer graphics and optical properties of these days. In cyberspace, the concept of design is a new form and expression to get the idea to convert the line and face beautiful.

Color Development

Please follow the steps in the development of the concept of color development in both Japan and abroad. In the process of a different color, to test the concept. After a good amount of research and overall coordination of colors, some colors are selected according to customers' selection of fashion and trends. Interior color has been selected according to the latest fashion industry. Dashboard or steering wheel or seat fabrics, in terms of other features to blend seamlessly with the charm of the color of carpet and the Foreign Ministry.


Even if false, the actual development of the design phase with the color selected in the form of three-dimensional. This model was created using the mud from the professionals working with designers to understand the concepts of form and structure. Internal model is to create a complete model for the design of automobiles, wood, plastic, metal, textile, and is composed of a variety of other materials. This will determine the placement of functions in the automotive and space. The process involves an integrated approach among car designers and automotive designers.

Hall of Governance

Follow-up and fake, and the decision to focus after the room is completely set and the customer's choice. At this stage of the design process, and now are considering an analysis of the actual trend of this model and all the natural light. After that, the car according to a study conducted by the client's needs, make a final decision about whether to reach whether the production stage. Angle of the customer when you have finished the design for production is very important to you.

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