Monday, August 15, 2011

Good news for Roll-Royce's 'Bespoke' division which is responsible for the creation of unique automotive parts as well as life style items such as custom picnic sets for the brand's clientele, as due to growing customer demand, the British company has decided to expand its operations.
Rolls-Royce said the 'Bespoke' division, which is based at the firm's headquarters in Goodwood in West Sussex, will see a flow of team members, including designers, engineers and project management staff, doubling the headcount to over 50 people by the end of 2011.
“The ability to bespoke one’s vehicle has always been at the heart of Rolls-Royce so it is very encouraging to see that after more than one hundred years at the very pinnacle of the automotive world, our Bespoke services are still very much in demand from customers all over the world today”, said Rolls-Royce Member of the Board and Director, Sales and Marketing, Jolyon Nash.


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