Sunday, August 7, 2011

The 2+2 coupe is a long-standing tradition in motoring. The Porsche 928, Lamborghini Espada and Ferrari 330 GTC all adhered to this formula with impressive results.

UK designer Julliana Cho’s Porsche 929 concept study builds on this tradition while also weaving aerodynamic styling, the brand’s design heritage and an innovating car sharing program into the mix.
The 929’s theoretical dimensions make it smaller than the Porsche Panamera but larger than the 911. Aside from the design itself, what makes the 929 stands out from the pack is Cho’s imaginative (though possibly impractical and expensive) car sharing scheme.
Interested parties join the Porsche Car Sharing club and receive a smart key in the mail. They then activate their smart key and finalise their personal details online before moving on to the next step.
Here, club members can specify everything from body shape to interior configuration as well as wheel design, exterior paint and material options. Once these details have been saved, club members locate their nearest charging station where their car is quite literally assembled before their eyes. When finished, the cars are returned to the charging station and disassembled ready for the next customer.
At least, that’s what I gathered from the young female designer's illustrations. I may be wrong, and welcome any corrections Cho or our readers care to provide. You can check out our full gallery of images below.


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