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Elusive jaguar is one of the most difficult animals in the world now. While walking this jungle of Peru does not interfere with the hundreds of millions of people are trying to catch the figure of one is not. To show his machoism Creator God, seen even during the Inca civilization of the Jaguar as a symbol of power and terrible serpent's head and dress Jaguar Apaec. The discovery of the Peruvian jaguar is walking reverence and certainly an unforgettable experience.

Cusco Jaguar

You walk in Peru, to search for the Jaguar and it is if you were walking on the Jaguars may be. Confused? Things that might be more logical from the air. Please refer you, and it is possible to believe that the ancient Inca city of Cuzco designed to look like a Jaguar. Cusco, the old word was considered for the Quechan and the navel of the earth when the navel of the Inca era. Jaguar's main square in the stomach with his head, the spine of the Sacsayhuaman and nearby town sundial eyes Tullumayo river.

Sacsayhuaman is a perfect place to spend an afternoon walking the walls of three large terraces and a castle there in Peru, are said to represent the teeth of the tiger and. The castle was used by the royal house of the sun, contains many of the old hot springs that are used in the ritual bath.

Protection of the tiger

We have a lot of time walking in Peru had been confirmed that it did not give something to the community after the holidays why? You can volunteer to work in the field of Jaguar Conservation holiday in a few days at the end of the center of Puerto Maldonado in southeastern Peru. Conducted important research on wild tigers and mountain lions at his home in the Amazon basin, it will help to develop a strategy for sustainable management. We have to find one of these large cats that are lucky enough to guarantee that, but you can walk the path in the forest of Peru, the time and keeping the animals away spend a little.

Tigers in a zoo in Lima

There is only place in Peru that is guaranteed and the location of the zoo in Lima almost Jaguar. In fact, last May, was born when a new arrival or a black jaguar and puma zoo recently. It generates an animal waste and other big cats, give it at once instead 出産Tsu, rare tigers. Animals in Lima is the number of tigers currently in captivity was born three at the zoo has.

Jaguar Safari

Tiger in a zoo, seeing a jaguar in the wild to match the beginning or end of your holiday, why not this as a rewarding safari Jaguar, please do not see? Consideration of the Peruvian rainforest with an experienced guide is not elusive is the best way to see these cats. Prints of tropical forest on earth your feet, know exactly Kudasaru observe the signature to look for overhanging branches of trees. Tigers hunt primarily at night, so late at night, can be lucky enough to find one of the fishing in a river. You can sign on to identify the smell of wood and fitted almost certainly cry. Do you find the jaguar, one thing for sure is not in itself is very fun searching!

Tony Maniscalco is director of sales and marketing for climbing plants around the world holiday. Since 1946, work, and it offers a guided walking holiday for a group of 90 countries over 250 now. While hiking in Peru with Ramblers Worldwide Holidays, you can see beautiful scenery and the best prices in most places.

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