Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Not a new chop, but I haven't posted it at my car site before. This is a 2-door version of the current Lincoln MKZ, although I've changed the name back to Zephyr. I really would like this current era of alpha-numeric model names to end. Please bring back evocative, romantic, even whimsical names for our personal transportation devices. Zephyr is a million times better name than MKZ... right?

Besides the obvious door change, I've made the coupe more of a fastback and added chrome/argent rocker panel trim. The majority of contemporary cars have body-colored side panels from roof to ground, lending them a very thick look. This thick look, in my opinion, is an effort to make them look more like cocoons, or tanks, to purvey a feeling of safety. I prefer a leaner side treatment, more like the cars of my youth, the Sixties and Seventies. This lower body, full-length treatment accomplishes my goal. It also makes this relatively compact automobile look longer and lower.

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