Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Over the past few years, we've heard plenty of rumors concerning Jaguar's plans to build a spiritual successor to the famed E-type of the 1960s and 1970s. The latest word on the grapevine comes from British weekly magazine Autocar that claims Jaguar will release a sporty model in the spirit of the E-type as early as next year.
The magazine says the firm's Indian owner Tata Motors is determined to resurrect the spirit of the iconic Jag. The new model, codenamed XE, is planned as a rival to Porsche’s new Boxster.
Company insiders are cited as saying that the XE will not be a retro interpretation of the classic E-type but a modern roadster that will, however, have some styling similarities with the original like a long bonnet and short tail.
The XE will be based on a new, all-aluminum platform that will also underpin the successor to the current XK, itself due for launch in 2014. It will be smaller than the XK with a length of around 4.3 meters, because its wheelbase will be shortened since it will only accommodate the driver and a passenger.
The report goes on to say that the XE will be revealed as a concept at the forthcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in September, while production of the road version is expected to begin at Castle Bromwich in 2012. It will initially be produced only as a roadster, although there is still talk about a coupe version to battle the next generation of the Cayman.
Under the hood will be V6 engines, both normally aspirated and supercharged for the hotter versions. A more affordable turbocharged four-cylinder with lower emissions has also been considered.
What hasn’t been decided yet is what to call the new model. XE will most likely remain just a code. XE-E would be too close to the original, plus Jaguar has already expressed its desire to change the names of its cars. So the brainstorming continues.
Whatever they decide to name it, we hope that they eventually build it and this is not just another false alert.
*All Photos are of the Jaguar F-Type Concept that was introduced in 2000


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