Thursday, August 25, 2011

Santoro's popular hatchback Hyundai Xing. Wagan R Maruti Zen car and can be compared in many ways. In order to provide superior performance and fuel economy, engine, engines with maintenance eRLX Epsilon technology. 1086 cc four-cylinder engine produces power of 96 hp and Nm of torque at 4000rpm 62 5500 rpm.
Therefore, 5 speed manual transmission cars and Xing Santoro in the economic response to the accelerator and excellent low rpm torque. We found the clutch and gear change light and easy. Santoro Xing gives an approximate average of 17 and 15 km expressway in the city. 145 more speed, fixed the car on the road.

Xing Santoro Hyudai dress and looks at contemporary international design. It's front bumper is a new horizontal chrome grille large. President of Hyundai Motor and tail lights glow. Xing interior provides ample space for five and a comfortable ride. Car steering wheel 3 spoke to a mass of new instruments. The dashboard has become the news of the car between the two countries opened a modern look. You must distribute the rest of the car and also reinforced. Rear windows, front seat storage tray and not only, along with a convenient energy storage and control for the first automobile lamp
This comfortable modern Santoro, and made clear his head. Car seats are comfortable and the best fabrics. 4-speed automatic transmission is located in the AT GLS variables. The car is suitable to deal with off-road in India and the quality of the MacPherson strut suspension with coil spring rear 3 link in front of the offset.
Come variables Xing Santoro 6, XK is AC, XK, XL, and AT is the XO. R. - return hatch is priced at around Rs 2.65000, 4,00,000. Modern real earth Xing Santoro, ebony, black and white, royal, silver, gray, charming, bright blue hue, emotional colors are red and blue in the Eskimos.

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