Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Small Car Hyundai I20, Economic City, the road is suitable and comfortable middle-class India. Engine variations of petrol and diesel options available in the age of Sportz. Omar is between Magna and the model line Asuta Sportz, the basic model. Hyundai I20 has been equipped with a new range of intelligent features and technologies. No later than the 2011 model showing slight changes in engine performance and aerodynamic than previous models. Hyundai I20 is one of the best cars in hatchback models. Car prices are starting from a wide range of Latin American and Caribbean American 4-7.
Engine is available in petrol and diesel variants. Hyundai I20 is produced at 4000rpm hatchback, 90PS petrol engine, diesel engine, 6 94PS 4500rpm 1.4 CRDI ASTA gives the maximum output is the first car in the Indian automotive industry has a top speed manual transmission. Provides both the fuel supply system of CRDI 1396cc and all the optional four-cylinder engine and drive. Alex basic gas shock torsion beam rear suspension with gas shock absorbers of the MacPherson strut front suspension. Hyundia I20 Diesel Asuta 18kmpl indicates the number of kilometers of the city, including a copy of the gasoline and highway 23kmpl 12kmpl 15kmpl urban highways. ASTA 97761, * has been sold at Rs.6
Hyundai I20 1.2L Sportz era of the gasoline motor has a displacement of 1197cc, 82PS maximum output - Diesel engine delivers 78PS at 4900rpm 5600rpm is a five-speed manual transmission. In cities and on highways 17kmpl 20kmpl (gasoline) Sprtz 14kmpl Hyundai I20 on highway mileage and age in urban and 16kmpl (diesel). 54 599, are sold under Rs.4 *

Speed ​​manual transmission with Magna Hyundai I20 1.2L Sportz 75PS petrol engines and five diesel engines with maximum power 80PS 5200rpm 4600rpm. In city and highway mileage and 14kmpl 17kmpl Magna Hyundai I20 Sportz (gasoline) 16kmpl 20kmpl in urban and highway (diesel). 94 599 Magna has been sold at Rs.4.

Fuel tank capacity is 45 liters. All the engines are configured with the correct mileage. Compatible with the latest engine technology releases today only 9-80 grams of CO2 per kilometer by 2011.
Hyundai I20 is a spacious, elegant and eye-catching is automatically equipped with a safety standard ABS, seat belts, large door has a lock on the passenger seat with dual airbags. To feel a sense of the machine and engine, engine-driven power steering (MDPS) and the suspension system specially designed to provide maximum ease and speed curves. The interior is very spacious, the location of the vehicle is not shown in the box in its class. Hyundai I30 Hyundai I20 breathtaking and inspired by the advent of technology has already begun in Europe and Korea. Hyundai I20, black diamonds, silver and glossy, red fruits and is available in attractive colors like blue crystal and white glossy dark gray and beige silk.

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