Sunday, August 7, 2011

Last year, everyone left the revival of the Chevy Camaro show in Paris in the room in shock. This year, again to reduce the real meaning and Chevrolet Camaro muscle car.
I say it simply rocks. As the old Super V8 engine is small, quit smoking in the parking lot burning. Look at the hot new Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang, and is very very good might be. However, another league Camaro V6 model. Even more impressive, yet it was cited as one of the best-in-class performance car, despite these flaws are the facts. Will accelerate from 0 to 5.0 seconds, 60 mph burning rubber in order to keep everyone running mouth hanging open.

General Motors is also used in the Pontiac G8,, has been developed to produce a short and sensitive Zeta platform, the Camaro is back, comes with independent suspension to handle the upgrade performance. 6.2-liter V8 engine, the cylinder is a really monster 3.6-liter engine with direct injection, V6 cylinder and packed in a large Cadillac CTS, and trim the base of features such as very expensive. Developing 426 horsepower, hit you in the seat of this one and he starts raging.
This does not mean that Chevrolet created the perfect performance of the little coupe is not. Is a very attractive style, while the exterior of the car and the best live lines on the glass and just belt and the reaction. That is obviously there for a little rifle that crack the glass, if you are looking to install and tighten your car, especially in the corners. Inconvenience might be lack of quality with respect to the interior. We are not bad but not talking about the material, and this competition is not always better. This together with a small box with a navigation system of the plant is funnily enough a part and parcel of the Camaro is losing points.

However, care one bit? Camaro is definitely a good car. Roar of V8 engines, and cool design, and decent (compared to the amount of HP) with unbeatable prices not to mention, many of those years to deal with and this must be Shebikamaronaru not.
Contemporary performance, probably want to keep his hat more. V8 engine with the six-speed manual transmission, gives the feeling of being on the race track or knock your breath receive. It is unnecessary cancellation of the cylinder and lead to fuel the energy needs competent, cylinder deactivation feature for calculating the amount is very important. 24 mpg file of any V8 engine is not fully effective.
Could be the case, to ignore the integrity of the muscle cars are not. Therefore, standard features include anti-lock disc brakes, ESP, airbags, side airbags front and includes a full-length. OnStar navigation screen graphical display and measurement of the mass is a really important requirement.

About leadership, as the smart choice for those who chose to fill the leadership of adrenaline and, optionally, recognized the muscle car. Huge relative to a mixture of powerful engines undefeated, the suspension of nasty tar grip and high technology. It is the 2010 Camaro, considering that much cheaper compared to BMW, BMW 135i, is the spirit enough to give tours of the money for it.

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