Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The pure electric version of the RAV4 will not be sold directly to the U.S. public when it arrives in the market in the first quarter if 2012 as originally planned, according to Geri Yoza, Toyota’s national business planning manager of advanced vehicle marketing.
Instead, the EV version of the Japanese company’s popular SUV will be leased only to fleet customers and car sharing programs.
According to Yoza, the RAV4 EV, which makes use of Tesla’s electric drivetrain, has been tested with 160 users and received positive feedback. Toyota said that while users charged the car more frequently (about 10 times a week) than anticipated, the cost of electricity was lower than expected, at about $150 for six weeks.
However, despite the fact that the electric RAV4 can be charged quickly, Toyota will not offer fast charging on any of its electric vehicles until the SAE determines a common standard for all outlets.
This is not the first generation of the RAV EV: the first was launched over 15 years ago, in 1996. It was the first vehicle in the world powered by nickel-metal hydride batteries, and it had a top speed of 78 mph (125 km/h) and a maximum range of 120 miles (190 km).


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