Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2012 BMW M5 Series

The trunk lid "inflated" to distinguish the normal and the BMW sport body kit and spoiler, aggressive air intake. After the peak of the two pairs of exhaust nozzle system. 240 kilometers per hour (front and rear 分の 295 265 ZR ZR 30 minutes 35) get into a car with 20-inch wheels shod with tires for more speed. In the M5, generally the series, has been to explain this concept in Shanghai in the spring is slightly different.

Official 2012 BMW M5

Big engine under the hood instead of ten, the current twin-turbo (twin turbo technology, energy) to 4.4 liters of "eight", or 10. 6000 rpm maximum engine power of 560 horsepower, and torque - 680 Nm. (M5 old (E60) at the peak of power in a 7750 rpm in mind, and to develop 507 hp and 507 Newton meters). Has been used as the transfer of 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT).

To 100 km / h to zero, and the new sedan is 0.3 faster than its predecessor, and the acceleration in 4.4 seconds. Speed? 200 km per hour for 13 seconds faster machine? Fan 305 km per hour, and raise the bar for M top speed of 250 km / h - you can order the driver package in the package

2012 BMW M5 Series

Should be extended after the submission of new elements of the festival, to Germany on 23 June - press releases and detailed features of the model, M in Germany.

According to estimates, the home of BMW M5 cost about 100,000 euros.

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