Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rolling on the road this month, the salon is a new Rolls Royce. Unlike its predecessor, this limo is something new shop - which runs on electricity. Category of vehicle manufacturers in the UK, £ 10,000 cost model has approximately proud to announce that the limousine Rolls-Royce Phantom first.
Rolls-Royce Phantom, with rising prices, the revised model. Only the ghost of its original price of 300,000 yen - compared with $ 1 million in funding for the spines of children to be the new Electric Rolls-Royce. It has new electrical power and phantom phantom experiments (EXP 102) even though the facts have been replaced, are still available for the public opinion measuring electric vehicles, vehicle fuel to help will be displayed throughout the world.
Zero-emission vehicles, electric charge can be a limousine in your home. That compared with 8.1 MO gasoline, so miles per 2T small as they are cost effective and environmentally friendly. This gives a large amount of money each year, may reduce the cost per quarter. But you need a lot of money to pay for the car to begin with.

All cars from Rolls-Royce luxury, this car is the one with the super-rich. However, this show is not a big part of the technique can be combined with electric luxury vehicles. This is a major advance for the electric car is a means that may have an electric car future too much most of us.
Experimental electric car maker car, now we see them on screen so easily accessible. And whether and how to affect performance, such as severe weather conditions are still to be overcome, many problems still exist. Electric vehicles, in the early stages is still experimental, is still evolving technology, we are 10 years into the future, want to see in a new era and fuel our vehicles.

Phantom power is to evaluate customer feedback, the pilot began in Geneva in 2011 to get feedback, you. Then we just for the Olympics, we hope to sell in 2012. So we need to start providing better!

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