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Major upgrade of the show. These modifications are as follows. Tube length under 3 inches (or high flow cats), 3 "(75 mm) cat-back exhaust system for the promotion and procurement (18psi), to achieve this without increasing the activation of the momentum necessary to strip remover (Gureddi BCC) materials 15PSI fuel plants - the changes have been shown to provide the best horses of the proportion of those $ 14 USD.

When someone says BPU is why the "+" (TM) + mean? What is APU?

This is the basic version (TM) means for generating an additional force in addition to changes in the Border Patrol Unit. "+" Referring to the adj. Hard cam gear and pulleys, and th "+" refers to the organization of fuel, ECU, and increase the level and so on. For example, in addition to front-mount intercooler, BPU (TM) Supra and amendments, and the Border Patrol Unit (TM) will be called +. You add a cam gear, and it is a unit of Border Patrol (TM) + +, and if you like. "BPU (TM)," your turbo (s) a term used when you upgrade. This APU, emerged as a high performance upgrades. This label includes almost all the amendments can be made.

What is the first revision of the machine, should you do?

I would recommend starting with the farms increased by almost 18psi turbo. This requires the promotion of quality measurement, even Remover (Gureddi BCC) is reduced. 15 PSI and will share in the bottom of the pipe and the best place. This is in addition to providing the most 30rwhp. After completing these changes, as well as installing the exhaust pipe, the next logical step would be to restore the cat. Now the full BPU (TM) will be.

Various "MODS free" How is the information?

For many different Supra TT "freedom and change," there. These include some of them. Includes three categories of people to improve and control, EGR is disabled, TTC and twin or true conversion.

Three amendment, and strengthen supervision are as follows. Hemophilia - T Department of Defense, the Department of Defense Department of Defense of the VSV cut the clamp. Each of these changes is to increase the rate increase without pressing the controller. However, monitoring the size of your campaign, they turbo (which is a safe level 18psi) you need to make sure that does not allow for the increase is very high.

True, true true twin follows (TTC) to convert. This amendment, in parallel, which prohibits the process and lead to sequential twin-turbo turbo is always running (simultaneously). This is because (before the turbo and normal online secondary) and to allow the power of the medium range a little better without the bass caused by rapid increase in the transition from primary to secondary process of power, and smooth allows bands. However, low-end power to reduce sufficiently to increase the level of exhaust noise, may not be desirable on the road. TTC TTC traditional methods and two types of two Department of Defense, machines, wiring, or installing one-way valve, TTC MOD E (ETTC), including the Department of Defense.

Department of Defense to discuss the EGR is the latest Department of Defense. This is the recycling exhaust gases that are designed for emissions, is prohibited, so the amendment is intended only for use on rough roads. This is a six-cylinder 5 valve combustion heating can cause the Department of Defense has been assumed that to prevent.

How much energy BPU (TM) will do to make my car?

This is the car of the car, conditions, and different synthesis. Supra Twin Turbo rear wheel horsepower and 410 between 370, the BPU to Dino most (TM). Usually moderate temperatures, the ECU again (probably learn to erase a bad ECU) to achieve this, and in many cases, it is a race for fuel octane leaded is slightly higher for the United Nations. On the streets, especially in bad weather, but its intensity is reduced, must be at least 90% of energy.

Foreign types, border patrol unit (TM) and what should be executed in a trap speed of only 1.4 kg!

It really depends on the skill of the driver. Conditions and altitude, temperature, humidity, and track pre-race preparation. However, having a speed of 112-119 miles per trap tires most of the time between the city fell from 12.9 to 12.3. Drag Radial, and good conditions to play a good driver, you may fall 11s, may be suitable for pre-race preparation.

Border Patrol Unit (TM) speed limit, "Is the D and the Supra TT?

Must be able to achieve higher speeds in the middle of the range of 180 miles per hour. After the speed limiter as well, "Hughes" is disabled by dragging TRAC.

Border security MODS (TM) can affect the life of the engine and engine units?

Yes, but not significant. Cars must be maintained properly, if the car in terms of dealing with some components of many life-saving powertrain. Supra durable due to the fact that it is one of the most reliable sports car by far, the majority of the shares and retain for longer than a sports car. Engine components, your life will appear shorter than Mosul market. This has not been continued far longer than it might km one-time 8 - 10K BPU (TM). Repetition of fast cars, if you are working with the teeth 5 and 6 full-throttle application, especially this. Your stock clutch has high mileage on it have, or if you really start to slip, you need to plan for new high-performance clutch. In addition, the stock turbo (how short is to preserve, improve execution depends on how you drive and) a little shorter life.

600hp Supra Turbo and the reliability of what?

Chassis, electrical, drive reliability Supra as suspension components, and should know the most impact. Per share and 2JZ - GTE engine power at the level of well-paid. How much support, how difficult for the leadership, and depending on how often. In general, however, supra at the level of force that you can go for years. Is the reliable delivery depends on automatic or manual. Not having a car and more power to send you, you will need to rebuild the trust depends on the design and construction. Instruction manual 6spd well tolerated and the team had the rear axle and

Real reliability problems at this level only in the low energy, surrounded by the actual changes you will make. Except for the faulty installation, to be able to fall on the reliability of plant components built on a compromise that exists in all the components it uses very high quality and reliability you, the final (to the maximum performance side, we will lean more every Toyota, please note that the reliability standards talking about here is very high), which is part of the fuel system and turbo components you can include in particular the magic of electrons. Very good main concieved, regulate, or durability, without exceeding the reliability and almost * stock, original parts are used whenever possible. Changes in the components and to select items that match and will play a major role in this area.

Different components of the plant (differential, transfer, car, etc.) What is it?

To reduce the various components of the train really is not enough to fix it is actually the point. Harmful if lean, the engine may fail to energy levels of the plant. However, the interior is set (piston, connecting rod, crank, head gaskets, etc.) when the machine is reliable to 700rwhp. Has set the machine may not be configured correctly, but the strength of this level, and it was literally a bomb waiting to go, it is the same as in the case of a machine that is built on. Then reduce their inventory well beyond 800rwhp some employers and interior, leading to move closer to 900rwhp. This machine is still my past, do not understand how to build a bean counter Toyota.

Getoragu six speed is ridiculously strong for the transfer of Omar al-Faruq. And use of gear restrictions and the existence of such a significant early, leadership style, influenced by. Driven by hard, must act fairly Getoragu 700RWHP. You treat him with respect, despite the fact that more than a respectful and careful exercise extreme 800RWHP at this level, if you should be able to handle around.

The difference is the hub, CV joints, drive shafts and failure is very rare. So I do not have much information about the limits of failure. Street tires, it will not damage one of the components in any power nearly impossible. They spin the tires before you develop a set of movement under this kind of tension. Type of work to switch tires. You run the cloud, and this is not true, of course, proved capable of up to 9 seconds from 10 seconds itself.

The process to change the negative impact of low-end power and internal noise level, protecting the borders (TM) What units are affected?

Does not affect the response. The noise level in the room depending on the exhaust system of your choice. Some of them are much larger, and some of it is really quiet. But most of them slightly larger than stock. However, DBS is combined with the exhaust sound and added so sweet And certainly feasible. In the Supra, and it's very quiet too, highways, will be very liveable. For low-end power is reduced significantly delay the turbo tube. Thus, the low-end power and response is much better in store.

Adverse changes to protect the border emissions (TM) or units affected?

Cats should be subject to visual inspection and the rest should be taken when using high flow emissions. If you run without catalytic converters can be done at your own risk, to pass the emissions test and then there is no visual.

And fuel consumption is to protect the border with amendments (TM) What units are affected?

In light throttle, when you drive calmly, giving significantly affect the number of miles should not be. Will significantly reduce the number of miles per hour, but you must be "strong", the same power by burning fuel more afraid of me.

I have "quantity" (Open Element Filter) to install, you want to?

This is part of the answer yes and no. Filter assembly to restrict the flow of supplies is to increase the flow could accept to open an item. However, it also can hurt the performance of the engine room, causing warm air. My advice is cooled induction air box, stock air filter box to change the max, or to install either. Bonus for members of the Fatah candidate, is that you can hear the turbo and the bypass valve key can easily do so.

Radiator good stock?

Stock cooler is decent work 17psi stock turbo is not a lot, and maybe you are a good front mount intercooler, especially at high temperatures showed a significant increase. However, it should be noted that part of the mass flow of air into the radiator, and response to reduce slightly.

I have the factory rubber hoses, radiator hoses, I want to replace the metal and spare parts?

It will not hurt. However, it is useless. Slight increase for most of the throttle, but at least better.

Well, fuel system, fuel pump and stock injectors BPU (TM) is sufficient for.

Although I recommend that the fuel pulse damper bypass, yes, the stock fuel system is very safe and reliable to 450RWHP. What's in it dyno'd, and I have to check the percentage of fuel in a big boost, we recommend a car, the O2 sensor and wide (and less equity-related O2 / F scale does not) use will. The ratio of 11.5:1 would be safe for consumption.

Stock injectors and what's in the category?


It is whether it supports Supra fuel control unit?

BPU (TM), "Running like the fuel consumption rate as a length of less wealthy countries Supra D, and this can degrade performance in this class, console, fuel, drop and (get rock Otherwise, damage to the engine through explosion is to provide a safety margin, EGT minutes, the band O2 High (Album O2 sensor is not accurate) and measured, then get a large amount of energy the most popular cars would be able to, electronic fuel "PEXi S -.. field may AFC SFC ..

Before Christmas, what should I use the controller to increase my base to promote electronic or manual?

The safest way is to promote increased use of EBC, which prevents the growth and height. But in fact come into your budget. You, EBC, if you can get Oyobitsu. You can not go on if the MBC. Always keep an eye on the scale of pay. Whatever is to strengthen the controls used to love to keep in mind that you do not, I do not recommend a regular basis and more than 18psi.

Its best to strengthen what is an electronic control unit?

Not really the best. A'PEXi AVC, - R is a large unit, can better control EBCs batch of other, more complex songs and install. Reid, the new unit is also good. Most major manufacturers make decent units. However, to avoid models with fuzzy logic, if the stock turbo is still sequential, those with damage to the system action "confusion" that would be consistent.

I have installed the EBC when I connect to each Wastegates Turbo?

Turbo is the only main exhaust valve. By strengthening the provisions of the situation turbo wastegate turbo twin turbo just like this when it ruled, had just arrived on Earth.

Some people do not use a batch of my only control what they say and will replace the ECU programming. Why me?

Supra TT re-program the unit is $ $ so. They start at $ 1200. And BPU (TM) proven to offer significant improvements in efficacy or safety of the car at this level. The benefit is the upgraded Turbo (s) appear in the car. Do not forget to buy the ECU, however, or can be set by a reputable shop that knows what they have. And some vehicles (driving habits, MODS) in. And I suggest you follow the programming system AEM also see you.

To run the Border Patrol (TM) safe levels of increasing severity of what?

The general consensus is 17 - 18psi. Some people have taken higher, if you do not have the money to replace the turbo upgrade / I do not recommend it.

Recommended pipe down?

Small cat Downpipe RMM (or Rod Millen Motorsports) is the most common. However, there are many other brands. Some of the tubes down, random DP Technology, the legal ability to transform high-flow exhaust catalysts.

I could feel the pain to bring high-flow cat?

He has some effect on production, not much. The precise effects of HP is not clear, 15l.s. BPU-horsepower 0.5 in May 2008 valued at some (TM) levels most likely.

What is the bottom of the tube?

It is part of the exhaust system to connect the turbine in the exhaust system of the charger output, "Return of Cat." Catalytic converters also have two downspout, O2 sensor and (OBD sensors or - II, a car) where there.

I have an OBD2 car. I will still be attached to the tube can not?

Yes. This is your "black boxes" Unless you get one of O2, DP, provided the catalyst for the O2 sensor, the second flight, check engine lights.

Absorbs most strongly?

Tanabe Medallion Racing, HKS Hiper titanium and seems to be the most powerful systems.

What is meant by a quiet exhaust?

G Tanabe Tanabe Hyper Medallion suspended - Electrical and University Award (SP) performance of the road is so quiet. No less than full capacity, they are stronger than stock. However, at full speed, they are "awake" look like small.

And some of the exhaust system What is recommended?

It depends on your personal choice. The following is based on a certain set of your favorite broken down some of my recommendations.

The pattern of very low cost / high:

Random Technology (75 mm stainless steel) to

Audio reasonable price / low / fine design:

Gureddi Street Performance (80 mm)

Tanabe Super Hyper Medallion (80 mm, stainless steel, 50 states and the law)

Design rational / reasonable price level / audio medium.

ATR - (75 mm stainless steel) to

Low price / low volume design / taste:

HKS dragger II (85 mm) and

Reasonable price / low volume design / taste:

- Gureddi Extreme Power (8094 mm)

HKS Super Pull the glass (95 mm)

/ Appearance Elegant levels of cost / Super Lightweight / high volume average:

Tears, Veilside titanium (90 mm, hitting Furuchitan)

Prices Audio / low natural / land laid out:

The second generation of TRD.

Wild style is low-level cost / volume /:

- "PEXi N1

HKS Hiper (75 mm)

Level / flat Wild Design Audio reasonable price /:

- "Specifications for PEXi GT (95 mm stainless steel) to

Raid specs Nur (80 mm, stainless steel)

HKS Hiper carbon / titanium (75 mm wrapped up in, titanium exhaust CF)

Reasonable price / high voice / Design Wild

Tanabe Racing Medallion (80 mm and 50 state legal affairs)

The cost of high flow / high / high volume design / Wild

HKS Hiper titanium (and 104 mm, titanium silencer)

The cheapest way to put the cat back and what is DP?

Full exhaust system performance exhaust shop custom 3 "(Council Turbo) Preparation must be less than 400 dollars, then you can use a muffler and exhaust tip of your choice.

It is recommended that the fuel cut eliminator?

He has a strong Gureddi BCC (boost cut controller) to recommend that.

Abrasive cutting fuel?

Factory ECU is programmed to activate the fuel cut, more pressure that you are running and 15PSI - 14. Please do something as a precaution to prevent his own view on the growth of the ECU. Fuel Cut Eliminator effectively eliminated or at least cause high pressure drop. ECU can be programmed to remove this feature.

Recommendations for measuring momentum?

This will work well to track the quality of each batch. Accuracy of the important features to look for. Automator is a better standard. Japanese standards, such as Mazda A'PEXi HKS, but get more features at a price much higher.

Where Can it be installed to improve internal measure?

Your dashboard, where the most popular sites around the clock (which brings mm 5-20) to mount in, confide in him (which has a 60 mm standard). Pod if you want - can also be used to measure the column.

What is the stock boost pressure?

11 - 12psi

Revised cam gear, or good for the Supra TT?

Yes, I have found to produce 5 - the interests 15rwhp BPU (TM) "D drive, but it is possible to extract, you will need to improve their experience Dino tuner, and most of the profits, to see the exhaust side is also recommended that I buy camera is turned on. characterized by five.

Roller part of the modification (S) campaign Supra TT?

Most of the shaft, engine pulleys, cranks and requires removal of the factory torque damper.

This "This is an external (harmonic) instead of the crankshaft balancer and perfectly balanced, and this, both partners axial bending moments generated by the firing of the radial pulse and an additional belt drive slow play."

This device basically crutial engine accessories to provide isolation between the crankshaft and. The problem, however, the interests of 10 15rwhp, can be used to provide continuous prices.

I, the Border Patrol Unit (TM) to upgrade the ignition when you upgrade?

HP, so you may need to change the cooling components, ignition systems warehouse to protect the border (TM) can provide enough to take a drive unit D. Using a large inventory of six "ignition system, because for each cylinder, the system is the strongest group of GDP can support a surprising degree (see below).

Border Patrol Unit (TM) wax or is it advisable to do more?

Requires essentially the same as the stock plug gap and cooler temperatures. NGK Plug stock BKR6EP - 11 (2978), and platinum, and 0.044 (1.1 mm) gap between the trend. Supra NGK BKR7E Alternative (6097) is ideal for change. It is also known as plug NGK, there are a bunch of cool (7 ") (Platinum tipped non-P") is "0.0315 and a small gap (lack of" -11 ") and 6097, very cheap is the name of the spark plug. Find out in advanced applications of platinum, high energy, preferably iridium spark plugs, and unfortunately, it's probably better to BKR8E HP Supra higher, apparently not.

A good final touch or attempt to Denso Iridium IK24 IK22. This plug will not only survive for a long period NGKs above, is six times more expensive. Replaced with stock parts IK20, IK22 IK24 is one step cooler than the stock one step colder. ~ ~ 600rwhp 400rwhp IK22 would not be good. IK24 may be a better option at the top. Two other plugs commonly used in many different NGK NGK Spark 3330 addition to the specifications of the shares in 6097 (BCPR7ES), is. Rapid fire # 5 should be very popular, expensive, short-lived, and fell out of favor. Stumble at idle and I know this candle for a simple reason. Supra pairs usually around 5.000 to 10.000 km, not live long. So I suggest you replace them every other oil change.


This is an electronic device to remove the sensor for a very limited flow of air from the intake to the overall physical and electronic. VPC adapter venous pressure. HKS GCC is a device that allows VPC further purification.

I do not need to market after the valve?

It's not absolutely necessary, it is a good idea. The factory bypass valves are prone to failure, spare parts and BOV is a wise investment as possible to prevent damage to the high pressure turbo. That's cool too. However, be aware of it, you still factory mass air flow sensor, if you have a surprise in the air vent valve may be offensive, and during the shift.

The unit I already have a Border Patrol (TM) even when the power level, I can not run the nitrous oxide into the Supra TT?

Yes. Please run shot some 50-75 systems most people wet. If you run over a fire, you will need to consider the system of well-designed port directly. 200 rounds, one system, fuel system must be improved - and I've seen a lot.

450HP is not enough I just did, can you do?

Oh, probably, in your wallet and your imagination has been limited mainly. If you know what they say, speed costs money, where to go and how fast?

Real power is the one located in the twin-turbo upgrade, and the possibilities are endless. Both promote the immediate response you can build a light engine to put 450 RWHP 1000 + RWHP monster or a day.

Unfortunately, this simple version (TM) for the border patrol units, is more difficult. The bill details "Higami upright, and get 50HP." Choose a section like this, such as the adjustment is more important than matching the combination of parts. But all this is for high-horsepower engine. Very high energy levels and also Supra TT is easy to extract energy from the performance of almost any other car. But it (TM), as simple as adding a unit volt Border Patrol does not need to remember.

If you want something to toast your own pesky Viper GTS. Software Turbo Then (- 1, SP57 - SP61 T04S04, T60) will focus on upgrading one. In addition, front mount intercooler, fuel regulator, you need to install a bypass and fuel pulse damper EGT. This, BOV, EBC, in addition to the cam gear, modify, BPU (TM) is the place to be. And control, and some 500 makes sense, and (assuming that is in good condition) RWHP 450 in the fuel system (490 〜 580 crank HP) If you can not reduce the number of shares that will be. These machines are electronic parts / (including the right of the two-dimensional) is investing a total of $ 11,500 from about $ 6700. Border patrol units already (TM), modified, FMIC, etc. If anything, you spend less. The difference in price, cut end, reflecting the high cost of adding a restricted stock to replace the HKS VPC MAF.

When the next level, you need to update your system completely, and enforcement, we recommend the camera electronics and more fuel .. (AEM, VPC / GCC / ECU, or a story, because the engine management programmable). It will be able to run a larger turbo and injectors. Set up correctly, even when maintained in order to maintain a fair amount of confidence in the equity of your home, some people are when you have to beat the level 800RWHP, at this level for more power without replacing the hard component is stronger internally, then between the lower end of their stock group 700RWHP Supra can still be done in the past. If you move forward when you build the bottom, the sky is the limit as much energy. Certain people choose to do with experience and talented people but, make sure that you get the installation and tuning. However, it must be true at every level of modification.

I want to install a turbo timer?

Of course. When he lost every time, but if you do not mind sitting in the car, to run the car. Turbo timer, after turning off the engine, the engine goes on from time to time. You delete keys, car keys, you can not worry about it, itself will be issued. It is important for the life of the turbo. This is not the time for cooling the turbo, if you can raise the temperature of the reason for blocking the flow of oil and damage the turbo bearings and seals, and oil shale and endangered.

Power Supra How is influenced by changes in room temperature?

More prominent, as in the case of most cars including turbo Supra Twin Turbo can be very sensitive to temperature. Especially with the stock turbo and intercooler. Border patrol vehicles (TM) units, in addition to temperature of 90 degrees 50 60DEG, 10% reduction in temperature between the expected and

Stocks, border patrol vehicles (TM) What clutch to keep the energy level of the unit?

It depends on the strain state of clutch wear. If in good condition, VI and V, but you may experience clutch slip while promoting full participation in high gear, it makes good practice in power. You're strong, and often, which means that if you aim for high magnification, then life will be significantly reduced Stocker. You 10,000 miles (TM) If you see an additional unit of border security after the shock.

When I replace the clutch or you can float on the surface of the flywheel?

It is not recommended. Toyota bought a new flywheel.

Why can not I install a light flywheel?

Yes, I noticed that you can make lots of noise at idle but you may be able to transfer a lot of vibration and shock transmission Getoragu and expensive.

Why relax the TRAC, in turn, benefit from the switch just above the center console?

Trac system is only partially true, "Trac Off" please click. This law, ABS (93.5 to 96 only), but prohibits the purpose TRAC ball through the throttle body and Trac system, the system does not run Trac ignition delay. Trac will then remove the fuse of all jobs, running speed of 155 miles per hour set and Trac. You can find the fuse box by the driver valve in the engine room. This removed the fuse, which causes the light to stay on TRAC, it should be noted that you get used to it.

TRAC system, to improve the car?

NO. To improve traction in slippery conditions, the track system and calibration. Calibration in mind this is not the performance. Trac system detects loss of traction, and significantly harder, talk to power cuts, it does nothing but degrade performance. I also, if you have lost your control rather than hinder your efforts to regain control, possibly heavy and too slow to give it stability at high speeds and more, independent of the Trac system.

To delete a speed of 155 miles per time factory set How do I?

Remove the Trac system. Accelerate the throttle body of work selected by Trac.

Supra TT Trac remove the fuse and the maximum speed is what?

There is some debate about this issue. There are rumors that he was not able to reach 180. However, it seems to be possible to go 172 miles per hour by the number 168 in stock.

TT supra theory and what is the maximum speed? How can exceed 200 mph with full force?


06 .79:1 3.13:1 rear axle ratio with 6-speed standard engine above 6800rpm redline TT,. Today, we multiplied the percentage of our rear axle ratio six times, and we must find a 2.472:1 final drive. And we have a total gap 6800rpm now 2.472:1 rear axle gear, wheels, and therefore the number found was spinning at 2751rpm with the engine rpm 6800.

Now, we need to calculate the tire around. Show 255 mm rear tire and wall aspect ratio 0.40, so the walls of our 102 mm. To convert inches to now, we are equal to 4.015 inches, divided by 25.4. We are two aspects in general, there are national and wheels 17 "and added, so look at inches in total diameter of 25.031 now To find the tours we multiply by two, now we are a little P-fold (3.14) multiplied by the need to know that it is 78, 59 inches around the gap by 12 to change the length and 6549 feet to avoid the university.

We are now beyond the edge of the tire, and we tire to cover 18,016 feet per minute, 5280-mile foot gap, and we have found that covering 3.412 miles per minute, now, every hour we doubled the speed of rotation of the tires was found to multiply by 60 minutes, traveling at 204.7 miles per hour to find the speed @ 6800rpm 6. Machine, because the flow of high-7500rpm turbo redline often, if you have increased. Given enough power for the next course, has a top speed of 225.8 miles per hour for us.

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