Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Category cans Mercedes S - in recent decades, tracing its roots, but in 1973, the S-car company name - category. Category is codenamed W220 S generation in 2000, is to give. Feet under the hood of a class, category and more room is equipped with various engines for different markets, V8 power in North America - the W220 is much smaller than the source S. In 2000, 4.3 and 5.0 engine, let him have it. 5.8-liter to 5.5 liter-powered S55 AMG Mercedes until 2002.

S430 4MATIC all-wheel drive and S500. S600 is 590 pounds of torque - 5.5 liter V12 diesel engine with a foot, while in the possession, S55, we have super V8 5.5. Make it to the top of the group and car turbo V12 and S65 AMG 604 hp 6.0 design - the W220 is introducing the next generation of category S, S500 S550 has been removed due to changes through 2006.

This version is the main form of group category Mercedes Benz S - recently, the drive mechanism, such as seat belts or other safety systems and climate control, including some internal features, updates installed on it, many looks. In 2005, the S340 has been sold in the form of 7-speed with 4MATIC, it comes with the necessary energy and five-speed rear wheel will be RWD or AWD to S55 S600 and S500 models. Whereas using a five-speed version of the short wheelbase than the other in 2006, the length of the model using the new style S550 speed of 100 mm, while seven of the wheel over, grearbox.The only available in S430.

Electronics, electrical equipment and audio systems are the most performance degradation. Climate control is also true in previous versions of the S class is not - is. Many problems are sorted into a version comes to market. Common point of failure is a tool to block. The reason for this is that the three types of errors are displayed in three different points of the automobile production line. I, Mercedes Benz, W220 and events in each case, please remember to replace the tool can be transferred to another owner the damage this proposal. Evaluation of fuel for the category S - the S430 and S500 to 14.3/9.6 (highway / city) is how 13.5/8.8l/100. S600 comes to 15.2/903 in 2001 is estimated.

Evaluation models and 2004 S55 AMG 2004 is 16.4/10/0 18.6/11.4 S600. Evaluation S600 S65 is the same model. Wheels that use fuel more than 10 percent of a typical city, all versions, while good for driving on a highway if it is not too heavy. 17000 2000 S430, forming a short wheelbase high of about $ 86,000 for the S600 in 2006 - the price range of the category S. In 2006, $ 86,000 and $ S600, it is an indication of the level of speed in the range of sound cards firefighters. Manufacturers suggested retail price of $ 190,000 the New Testament. Prices in 2004 valued at $ 27,500 S500 @ which sometimes are far from 121, 000 has.

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