Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Body lift or suspension lift: 1987-1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ to lift your way there are basically two. Each performance, there are advantages and disadvantages in terms of price and ease of installation, we can distinguish between the two countries first.

Suspension (curvature or higher) and higher springs, by replacing the spring, away from the shaft, was placed under the car (chassis). Lift raises your body away from the window of a vehicle lift with a comma. It is available in the soil space. We recommend stopping the release of a plan to use cars from the road, and we recommend that you increase your sense of attraction for those who want to offload the car appeared. This does not mean that he can not lift the body from road vehicles. It won a cleanup, and just run, will improve the car's suspension. Usually 2-4 inches (most are "extreme" There are several companies that produce group) during the suspension of the Jeep Wrangler YJ, bodily resurrection, for between 3 inches to 1 inch.
This gives the plant a car ride, the suspension is modified so that all the suspension components is more complex than the body lift. Tara is a hot water and paper, and the car springs are usually more difficult than the paper mill is difficult from the comfort of a soft spring factory. You may need to be a surprise anymore. Full Vehicle (all except as) and the weight of the car now because the ground will have a high center of gravity. In some cases, to reduce vibration Jeep Wrangler, this transfer is reduced, in background are known to move short distances do not agree with the increase easier to change the position of the rear differential drive system there - point of U.

Advantages: high approach and departure angles and ground clearance of departure that most of you, and allow the installation of larger tires.

Cons: expensive, drive (subject to vibration) to install the line in the corner is to increase the more time you raise the center of gravity, changing the brake lines or, if need be necessary to delay new surprises.
Body, especially a set of spacers are inserted into points of attachment between the vehicle frame and body, a relatively modest increase. It's all part of the heavy vehicles to the location of their plant (transfer case and chassis engine, transportation, etc.), thus leaving the center of gravity (increase) the car will not increase as much as you lift your comments.

Pros: Cheap, fast tires, and larger (all the components that come in a small box) to allow easy installation and can be installed using basic hand tools.

Disadvantages: Appearance (with significant differences between the body and the bus frame), and improvement of land facilities, additional pressure.

Lift (while allowing the installation of large tires) while designed to enhance off-road suspension performance at the end of the day, to improve the body and, except to allow the installation of large tires income, not provide. You must have a limited budget, Jeep Wrangler, and was looking for off-road operation is not the real intention of ever leaving the time, to lift the body that is appropriate for you if you want. However, you will find ready and Wrangler off-road durability and cost is a factor, if you raise the suspension is the only way to go.

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