Friday, July 15, 2011

Shanghai WartaNews - new world of car models that appear in the auto show in Shanghai, more than anything to succeed in China, which can be equated with power is the Audi A6.

And, according to the Audi A6 in the world and half the company's research and Co., sold in China, a dark version of a black car with a glass of choice for government officials and corporate heads anywhere.

Led by sales of the A6, Audi has reported record first quarter sales growth of 18.2% in China in the 51 951 units for sale.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Robert Stadler, Audi Motor Show in Shanghai, China has become the biggest market for Audi this year.

"China is like Audi," said Stadler.
It can be so in some cases, he said the condition of vehicles, the importance of government meeting in Beijing can be measured by counting the number of A6 parked outside. However, Audi, Audi brand chief executive officer (CEO) can not be confident but not yet anywhere.

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