Friday, July 1, 2011

2012-Renault-Koleos-Front-View-PhotoNow Renault Koleos is equipped with diesel engines and engine M9R (TR25) 170hp petrol and can be ordered with 150hp or 175hp versions of all machines have the dynamic performance and reliable, if you want to have this car you can see Renault Koleos Review and Images here, car it has measures 4.52m long and 1.85m wide, Koleos price £ 16,775 price can change in accordance with specifications, accessories and country. interior is made with the level of security and comfort of high quality.

2012-Renault-Koleos-Front-Side-View-PhotoReview Renault Koleos, In 2012 this car comes with a new revision of the previous generation, Renault Koleos The front end made ​​shorter to reaffirm strong character. Renault on the previous generation has created an elegant chrome grille, the model has been strengthened, the lamp door is made sleeker and more modern by incorporating LED indicators, so that makes this car look elegant and sporty.

2012-Renault-Koleos-Rear-View-PhotoThe new revisions to the exterior on the Renault Koleos is made more prominent wheel arches with modern technology, sporty wheels. so you can easier to drive, on the back made ​​styling including rear window that can show the movement forward New Renault Koleos will be available in the new Cayenne Orange body color. You can see some Pictures Renault Koleos here with some models and color options.


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