Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nothin' But Blue Skies Ahead for Bimmer in the Sixties

Overall, this 1002 tii would be about a foot shorter and 250 lbs lighter than the 2002 it's based on.

Today's RetroChop is my idea of what a late 1960s "smaller-than 2002" 2 door might look like. Using the Google-found image below of an original 2002, I shortened the wheelbase behind the door, (left in photo, above). I also shortened the rear overhang and trunk by quite a bit. The front overhang has been cut back creating a shorter hood. I made a lot of detail changes to the bumpers and lights, and added goldtone BBS wheels from an Eighties 7-series, also found using Google Images. The proportions of this mythical small Bimmer from almost 45 years ago are Italianate now; think Sixties Alfa Romeo GTV coupe by Bertone. A minor touch, I lowered the door handles into the wraparound chrome strip for a cleaner look.

Of course, there was no 1-Series in the Sixties, nor "1002tii" model, but we can always wonder...

Original 2002 image used to create my mythical 1002tii model, top photo. Found using Google Images.

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