Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nissan reported a plan to stop production of the GT-R R35 sportcar quite successfully received by the market. Principals Japan is currently going through to develop a replacement candidate they call the GT-R Spec R. What are the advantages?

Informed by Nissan that the weight of Spec R is lighter and has improved his strength. And R35 is a four-year-old, somewhat longer than the previous two brothers, namely R32 R33 dasn which lasted three years.

7Tune Japanese media reported, Nissan Motor Co. (NMC) will begin testing the model of "facelift" enter the second half of this year. In fact, in Australia GT-R Series 3 2011 powered by 522HP 612NM torque is increased from the model 2010 (478HP/588NM) was recently launched. Acceleration 0-100 km reached in just 3 seconds.

In Japan alone, the GT-R 2012 for its domestic market have power above 536HP. And the fastest model powered Spec V 560HP, while his successor has not mentioned the amount, which would be on top. He weighs 32 kg lighter, so that when accelerate from 0-100 km is estimated to be translucent 2 seconds.

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