Wednesday, May 25, 2011

German tuner Kubatech has a tuning kit that provides an update for the aging Porsche 997 GT2 model.

Although this tuning job takes place strictly under the hood it involves a complete revision of the 3.6 liter turbo unit.

The engine tuning kit includes modified turbochargers, performance charge air coolers, 200-cell sport catalysts from Cargraphic, new manifolds as well an an ECU remap. The so-called Stage 3/MC650 kit dials up power on the 3.6 liter turbo to 657 PS (483 kW / 648 bhp) and 835 Nm (616 lb-ft) of torque. A substantial upgrade from the series 530 PS (390 kW) and 680 Nm (501 lb-ft).

The job, says the tuner, takes six to eight working days to do and costs just under €23,000.

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