Sunday, April 10, 2011

2012 Volt Coupe by Chevrolet. Expanding the controversial black painted belt line, the Coupe extends this trim to the taillights, effectively isolating the Volt's roof from the bodysides creating a "floating" C pillar. Evocative of GM's '59-'61 "Vista" wraparound 4 door hardtop roofline? Bright work is expanded on the lower belt line as well. Wheels are enlarged but use the Volt's aero-tuned wheel design for maximum efficiency. Larger chromed nameplate is positioned to emphasize the Volt's inset door design and argent-colored composite rocker panels. Click on image to enlarge, as always.

An earlier chop of mine went the other direction with the black belt line panel, deleting it, Volt sedan left, Cruze right. I also straightened out the rocker panel trim, adding a dark section to the doors, and running a chrome strip along the top.

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