Sunday, April 24, 2011

At the Shanghai Auto Show 2001 and the New York Auto Show 2011 which took place today, Subaru introduced a new crossover concept, namely XV. According to Subaru, is a crossover SUV with a more stylish appearance.

The new concept called "Protren" which derives from a combination of professional tools and trendy design. Precisely, Subaru defines itself that crossover is the functional integration for the professional and stylish appearance of urban and stylish.

Crossover including compact and can be seen from its dimensions, length x width x height: 4450 x 1800 x 1620 (mm), wheelbase 2636 mm. Characteristics that are not less interesting than this crossover is subaru engine embedded, namely boxer DOHC, 2.0 liter. However, power and torque produced by this machine can not be explained.

Furthermore, these machines use Lineartronic or CVT transmission that move power to the entire wheel or all-wheel drive (AWD). A unique feature of this AWD, working symmetrically. That is, right and left axles the same length. Subaru crossover appearance more manly by installing tires 245/45-ZR19.

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