Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Danga City Mall 1 Malaysia Autoshow Challenge 2011 was held in the Expo of Danga City Mall during 2, 3 April. This is the biggest autoshow event in Johor. This event had attracted about 30,000 visitors in the period of 2 day.

I will share the pictures of this event. Lets see the 6 wheels Monster Kancil first.

 6 Wheels Kancil

You may wondering what the car is this and you may not believe if someone tell you this is a Perodua Kancil. In fact, it is really a Kancil.

 6 Wheels Kancil

It doesn't looks like a car anymore, it looks like a spaceship. I'm very admire the creativity of designing this car.

 6 Wheels Kancil

The task of transforming a K-car to a 6-wheels widebody monster was done by AL Motorsport. You will never saw this car on the road, it just for demo purpose.

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