Monday, April 25, 2011

In the absence of a brand-new chop, here's one of my all time favorites, a "Continentalized" '61 Lincoln Continental. Besides losing the two rear doors, I re-proportioned every panel on the car for a long-hood, short-deck design. I shortened overhangs and made the C pillar a bit thicker for that proper contemporary look as well. I enlarged the wheels to 20-inches, the new "modern" 15-inchers, but would style the wheel to replicate the original clean wheelcovers. It might be cool to see a set of 20-inch tires with an aspect ratio of perhaps 50, tall for a "20," and have it include a 2-inch whitewall...

I photoshopped this car early last year, and it has appeared in The Autoextremist, and CarSpyShots.

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