Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cayman Targa—Yeah, I know the Cayman is basically the hardtop version of the convertible Boxster, so the idea of an open-top Cayman might seem a bit superfluous... The original Porsche Targa was much more than just a convertible though. The brushed aluminum rollover hoop added rigidity and great looks, and the wraparound rear window, removable by the way, added a bit of glamor to the pretty Porsche 911/912 coupe. The removable top gave three ways to drive the car,—fully closed, fully open, or with just the roof open like a great big sunroof. 

I started with a special edition Cayman, in a beautiful shade of frog-green with black stripes. I changed it to gold even though the original Targa isn't quite fifty years old. I believe it was introduced forty-five years ago, but that's close enough for today! Besides the change in roof design, I shortened the front overhang by several inches for a more proportioned look, even though I suppose bumper standards wouldn't be met this way, and enlarged and darkened the wheels, keeping the bright yellow brake calipers. I also added my now almost-trademark cobblestones and a nice cloudy sky and distant island.

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